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Workplace Wellth™ - FocusRadio™

QDreams Workplace Wellth™ is a wellness programs empowers individuals, groups, and businesses to achieve greater wellbeing and tap into their highest potential for creativity, vitality, and success.

Our programs combine modern science, timeless teachings, and practical applications. The lifestyle tools we teach can be easily integrated into your company culture on a long-term basis.

Effective Tools for Sleep & Stress Management

In today' hectic, demanding and stress-filled world, we are called to find creative solutions to complex problems in our professional and personal lives. The answers we seek already exist within, we just need to access them. Through practices in breathing and meditation, learn to tap into your inner silence and wisdom, where an infinite number of solutions can arise.


Develop the skills needed to support improved communication, relationship building and conflict resolution in the workplace and at home. Learn how to make observations without judgment, state your feelings from a place of empowerment and make clear, measurable requests that get your needs met.

"In my work as a neuroscientist I have tested dozens of passive audio stimulation methods, and none worked, until I started working with Quantum Neurotech, we performed several scientic tests and analysis to show it produces immediate powerful results. I highly recommend it." - Dr. Alexander Kaplan, Neuroscientist at Moscow State University

Coming Soon The Neuroscience of You - Personal Assessment.

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